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How Does it Work?

As a ski slides on snow surface, the pressure between the two components will make the top layers of the snow melt. This crucial physical fact will make your skies slide as nicely as they do. The water layer will, however, affect the sliding properities also the other way around: if there is too much water between the ski and the surface the friction rate will rise. The effect can be compared to two glass sheets - if you add water between them and try to rub them against each other they will literally stick to each other.

Speedy ski roller makes a structure on the base of the ski. This specially designed pattern increases the airflow underneath the ski. Consequently, the  sticking effect will cease to exist, the total friction decrease, and the glide enhance.

The way Speedy Ski Roller works is both simple and genius. The driving wheel made of soft and sticky special rubber rotates adapting precisely to the ski base as you move the machine. The driving wheel is connected to a structure roller with a gear box, which makes the drag roll turn the other way around than the structuring roll. This is the secret of our product: the structure roller both rotates and slides on the surface which makes the final shape of the structure on the ski wax layer very special -  the fine shape of the figure is optimal for in skiing.Structures are firmly and accurately drawn onto the ski bottom. They will last long but won't damage your skies.

Most of the structuring devices on the market contain just a freely rotating structuring roller. This technique won't structure the ski properly, and hence the results that can be achieved with such structuring devices are relatively poor. These devices might be a bit cheaper than Speedy, but if you compare the structure and the results achieved, you'll find Speedy worth the investment. In fact comparable structuring devices with Speedy Ski Roller can be even four times as expensive as our product.


As the properities of snow vary depending on temperature, relative moisture, age of the snow, location and many other variables, different structure rollers are needed to obtain the optimal glide and skiing properties. Usually almost any structure will improve results, but optimal results can only be achieved by using the appropriate structure for each conditions.

Changing rollers is very easy - no tools whatsoever are needed. Speedy Ski Roller is delivered with rollers that cover the most common conditions of your area (the selection of rollers depends a bit on the country you live in, and is designed in co-operation with our local partners). We are very proud of our wide product range. If you have an idea for a new roller, we are always open to suggestions and find customer feedback very useful!

In addition to the Speedy Device and the basic roller selection the delivery also contains a handy briefcase for the products.

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